Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sharing a blog award with some wonderful bloggers

hi everyone,

I am on leave from today till the end of next week so I am relaxed and super excited, I'm not doing anything too exciting but at this stage I have got something planned for every day off, so nice not being at work and doing things that I enjoy.

I got this award from the lovely Dr Sonia  and Leanne. Both Leanne and Sonia are extremely talented and innovative crafters, they have such  great ideas. Sonia's tutorials are awesome and I love everything she puts together. Sonia recently shared a link to her tutorials on my giveaway, they are out of the ordinary projects that I am hoping to have a go at sometime soon. As I have mentioned before I love Leanne's recycled creations and her work in general, I am constantly amazed at what Leanne comes up with.

For this award I had to share 8 random things about myself-
*My next aim in life is to become organized so I can make the best of everyday.
*I now love winter, I used to hate this season before. Don't know if I am getting a bit weird in my old age :) :)
*I listen to loud rap to relax and get motivated, yep, I am strange to say the least.
*I am aiming to go on my treadmill every day till my birthday which is on 22nd September. I first wanted to do this till the end of the year but this might be a bit too difficult but you never know.
*I am aiming to read all my books on my book shelf within the next two years, I own a lot of books.
*I am hoping to go to Melbourne in October for about two weeks, was hoping to go Overseas but haven't saved enough.
*I want to win a Moxiefab challenge, I think I will be trying for a long time to come.
*I want to open an online shop on Madeit and have a monthly market stall. It will happen, I just have to get my act together.

I also have to share this award with 8 bloggers-
Shirley-Anne, Stamping for joy-I came across her blog through Make it Monday and so happy that I did as she has an awesome challenge going on till 1st December to make 50 Christmas cards. I am getting myself organized to join in the fun and encourage everyone to as well. I always get caught out at Christmas time without any handmade Christmas cards, hope it won't happen this  year.
Brittani, Do all things with love-I came across Brittani's blog through her entering my giveaway. Brittani is always updating her new blog with so many different giveaways. She herself is having a giveaway when she reaches 30 followers, I am sure we can all help her get there in no time. I am also offering 5 points more if you  join her blog and make mention of it when you enter my giveway.
Michelle, Pink Paper Paradise- I came across Michelle's blog through Make it Monday. I absolutely love Michelle's work, her cards are just amazing and  the way she uses her copic markers is to die for.
Christina, cg says (something loudly)-I just love the title of Christina's blog and appreciate the comments she constantly leaves on my blog. She recently had a giveaway on her blog and after the winner was drawn she offered all the other participants a digi image up to the value of $3, I thought this was so generous and thoughtful of her.
Moonie, Through the eyes of Moonie- My good friend Yvonne lead me to Moonie's blog and I am so happy that she did. I love Moonie's enthusiasm for life and her creations. She recently shared this quote on her blog-
I absolutely love this quote and agree with it totally and hope that Moonie doesn't mind that I shared it here.
Chrystie, A pocket full of posies- I have recently come across Christies blog and I love her work. She makes some amazing creations using recycled materials. I especially love this  3d frame that she has made, make sure to check it out.
Charity Crafter- I really admire the generosity of this blogger. Have a look at her blog to see what she does and if  you can  help out in someway with her work I am sure she will appreciate it. 
Anotonella, quilling art and expession- Antonella is a fantastic quiller and because of her I am hoping to try quilling in the near future. She  has given me the idea to use my stamps on travel projects and  I think this is a great way to use my stamps.

Ok, this took me a while to put together but all is good as I really appreciate getting this award and being able to share it with my blogging friends.If  you get a chance check out the links I have included in this post, you will all definitely be inspired.


Shirley-anne said...

Oh my goodness thank you for your kind words , and the blog award .

Chrystie said...

Very sweet! Thanks for taking the time to make this post. thank you for your kind words & including me in your 8! :)

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

Thanks you Suz x you are such a thoughtful lady! I am off to have a nose around the other ladies blogs as you have a special bunch there x thanks again x leigh x

Michelle said...

Hi Suz

Thanks so much for sharing this fab award with me. I really appreciate it. Your lovely kind words made me feel wonderful.

I will admit though that I am very bad at re posting awards on my blog. My blogging time is very limited and I struggle to just get the MIM commenting done and my scheduling commitments done.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Michelle :o)

Dr Sonia S V said...

Suz sorry I didnt drop in earlier was a bit busy on the professional front. Thank You dear for accepting the award!

Hope your back gets better soon. What I find the worst about backpain is even sitting is a big pain!!