Tuesday, 1 February 2011

All that glitters and sparkles

Believe it or not I am posting for a second day in a row, miracles do happen. It is extremely hot in Sydney so instead of doing my daily excercise I am blogging.  Hopefully it will cool down soon, I normally love the heat but this is way too much, maybe I would be thinking differently if I could be at the beach or in the pool the whole day but dealing with angry customers at work and stinking hot weather is too much for me.

I came across this challenge over at Leearts. It's a very small world, Leanne lives in Karachi, Pakistan which is where I was born, my family migrated to Sydney, Australia about 27 years ago. My family are good friends with Leanne's inlaws and she knows my cousin Marie as well, I was pleasantly surprised about all this at first but then I realized we are all connected in someway.

I am including this card for a challenge over at Flashback Friday Challenges. This is an easy challenge as I wasn't required to make a card in a hurry. The challenge is to post the first card made with glitter. I don't often work with  glitter mainly because it gets everywhere and when I was very young child I was making something out of glitter and made a huge mess. As my punishment I wasn't allowed to craft for a week which even at that age drove me mad and this has stuck  in mind everytime I make something out of this shiny stuff.

I made this card for a glitter challenge and yes I did make a bit of a mess but it was worth it as I ended up winning the comp and got a nice prize for it as well. I ended up selling this card to a friend at work who gave it to his mum and she at first thought that he may have made it but then Daniel had to come out with the truth.


Sabina said...

what a very sparkling card!!love it!!

Emily Keaton said...

So pretty! I just love all the sparkly butterflies. :)

~amy~ said...

I loved reading your blog post...first that you made a connection with someone via blogging...and how you've been a long time crafter...even when you were young and how the glitter all played into it...sooo fun:) I'm so glad that you played along in Flashback Friday 7.0...your card is gorgeous...love the glittery butterflies!

Tenia Nelson said...

What a wonderful card!!

Ravengirl said...

I think this is lovely with all it's sparkle!

Amy C said...

So very pretty!! You did wonderful on this card and I can see why it won a challenge.

Thanks for joining us for Flashback Friday 7.0!!

Scrapping Mommy

E.T said...

This is stunning! I love glitter!