Saturday, 24 October 2009

One of many bags to come

My working week seemed to carry on forever, so glad that the weekend is finally here and that my best friend has come over to spend the weekend and I have my RDO on Monday so all is good . This is a little project that has been in the planning for a while. I drew up the template for this whilst a customer was shouting at me on the phone yesterday and decided it was time to make my little bag when I got home from work. Now that I have made this little gift bag I am planning to make many more and have quite a few designs in mind. I have purchased some stronger needles for my sewing machine and hopefully will be able to sew through my paper projects that hopefully will be made soon. I have never worked with ruffles before and so decided it would be fun to join in the MOXIFAB WORLD RUFFLE CHALLENGE. I have recently discovered this fantastic blog and hopefully will be able to join in more of their challenges on a regular basis.

***Sun 25th 2009- I never put enough information on my posts and thats not because I don't want to share its just that I am not very good at capturing details of what I have done. My best friend who is studying to be a sign writer is horrified by the mess I work in and the fact that I never write down any details of what I do so from now on I am going to make an effort to write down the steps and materials I have used so I can include the info in my posts. I have already made another bag last night and on my next post all will be revealed as to how they are made, somehow I think I will be making these little bags for a while to come***


Itzuvit said...

This bag is gorgeous, what is it made of? Or is that a secret? :)
Cause I would love to try and create something like that.

Jane Carroll said...

so great - love it!

is it paper, card or fabric?

Hugs Jane x

bluepoohbear75 said...

Great bag. Love the colors.

Martha said...

Oh wow, this is gorgeous!! Love this :)

Helen said...

This is beautiful Susan!
The ruffles look fabulous!
Helen x

Leah the Orange said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! absolutely beautiful, hun!! :)

Cath said...

Hey Susan! Thanks for entering the Moxie Fab World challenge! :)