Wednesday, 1 April 2009

where has my leave gone :(

I can't believe how quickly my leave has gone, on Monday I am back at work. Other than going to Canberra for the Degas exhibition, spending a few days in Mittagong with Cinzia and Mary and attending Ken and Katrina's wedding I have been living in paper land, Randolph has been extremley patient with all my shenanigans. I have been working on various projects, entering comps and doing everything other than what I should be doing but thats what being on holidays is all about. My next class is in May so I will have to get my page done soon. I am posting a photo of some fathers day gifts that I have done for possible publication in a scrapbooking mag. It was fun doing this project as I don't normally do stuff like this. I am also including a photo of a canvas I did for a magazine challenge. It was fun working on the canvas and I managed to get a few canvases on sale so I think I might be doing a few more of these.

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