Saturday, 7 March 2009

the weekend is here

OMG thank goodness the weekend is here. I am planning to get quite alot out of the way this weekend, lets hope it all gets done. I will do one of my to do lists and just work through it. I had a parcel waiting for me today, I had entered a 25word comp some time ago in a scrapbooking mag and am happy to say that it was worth it, as they say " gotta be in to win it", I think 25 word comps are my new thing, can't get enough of them, it's just hard using my brain at times. I also got a greeting card submission accepted this week which is always exciting, looking forward to seeing my work in print. Anyway my next class is going to be on Sunday the 15th at Scraploot from 1 to 3. If anyone is interested please ring 02 96883319 to book. I am attatching the LO I will be teaching. Have a good weekend everyone :)

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