Thursday, 28 May 2009

Never give up, just keep on creating

Easier said than done at times but I always keep on going no matter what happens in my life. It is extremely hard at times but I would rather put in the effort to keep on going than to be negative and give up. Not to blow my horn but I have won quite a few scrapbooking comps and I have had my work accepted for publication quite a few times as well, this is enough to keep me going with my creative endeavours. I think however its going to take some time for me to get into a design team, I am willing to put in the work and hopefully one day I will be part of a DT. 2009 is going to be my year to create, create and create some more, I will eventually get there. Anyway enough of my carrying on, I will just have to put my thoughts into action.

This is my submission for the Scrapbook Savvy National scrapbooking day 09 challenge, I did this layout yesterday. We had to use the following criteria-

1. You can only use one full sheet of patterned paper or cardstock.

2. All other papers must be from your scrap stash and should be no bigger than 3"x4".

3. Your title must be made up of different letters - try getting creative and turn one letter into another; you don't need to open a new packet if you're out of "e's".

4. You must include a photo of yourself.

5. You must journal on your layout and include your own handwriting!

6. You can add additional photos if you choose..

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Taryn said...

I hear you Susan. I have enjoyed seeing some of your work over the past few weeks, and obviously others enjoy your work too. I'll join you in 2009 on your quest to "create create create". Just think, it'll be even sweeter when the right Design Team chooses you!