Monday, 9 February 2009

Just another manic Monday

hi everyone, I am trying to post more often so you will have to read more of my rambling as time goes on. My three day weekend went sooooo quickly, it was great though. I helped my good friend Yvonne with an album of her friend Chrissy's hens night, she will be giving this to her as a gift. It was hard work and after two visits to Scraploot its nearly done and Yvonne and I didn't kill each other in the process. I haven't worked on a project like this in ages, it was a real challenge but I did actually enjoy it. Other than scrapbooking I watched an amazing movie called MILK which I absolutely loved, if Sean Penn doesn't get an academy for his role I will be very shocked and disappointed. Randolph was amazed that during the movie I didn't keep on saying "I've been there" which I annoyingly normally do , its filmed in one of my favourite cities being San Francisco. Also been hanging out with Clay and Sharan which has been great. We are so happy that they have moved one street away, makes stumbling home after a drinking session alot easier, reminds me of my birth place Karachi, Pakistan where all my friends lived in the one building. Anyway work has to be better tomorrow, I am intending to go to bed early to deal with another day of stress and mayhem. Bye for now and I will bug you all again shortly

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