Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lets Celebrate World Card Making Day

Just for this month I am going to do things a little differently with my monthly blog candy. So I can share more prizes around and really celebrate World Card Making day. Instead of having just my one monthly prize there will be several small prizes given out to celebrate this special day. I am not attatching photo's of the prizes as the contents are meant to be a surprise but if you want to take a photo of what you have won and attatch it to your blog that would be fantastic and greatly appreciated. For anyone who wins please email me through the icon on the right, my husband only just created this for me.
For anyone who doesn't win this time there will be many more giveaways.
Hope all you lovely people enjoy World Card Making Day and get lots of cards done :)
***OK, I am editing this post yet again, I will be giving out a few more prizes, this is all so much fun. For anyone who becomes a follower and makes a comment in the next two days will go into a draw to win the last 8 prizes. If I reach 80 followers I will add three extra prizes, making it a total of 20 prizes given out to celebrate WCMD. Sorry there are no photos of my blog candy, I can assure you though that any cardmaker or scrapbooker will have fun with the small packages I am giving out. If you become a follower you have two extra chances of winning, I fully admit I would like to reach 100 followers one day. If you are already a follower to get two extra chances of winning just make mention of my giveaway on your blog and leave a comment to let me know that you have done so. I will be announcing the last few winners at 8pm on Monday , Sydney time***
***04.10.2009-Its the morning after WCMD and I am suffering from a card hangover but I will make it through this day as Parramatta is playing and I have to see them win, there is no way they are going to loose. Ok, what I have decided to do is since I have nearly reached 80 followers , I have one more person to go to reach 80. I will be extending the celebrations till Sunday 18.10.2009 to try and reach 100 followers, I will be giving out five more prizes if I reach this goal, thats a total of 25 prizes. Good luck everyone, looking so forward to having more of you lovely bloggers on board.***
***05.10.2009-thankyou, thankyou, thankyou everyone for your support in regards to my comp, I have to admit I am having lots of fun with this all. Thanks to Dragon Lady I now have 80 followers, hope you will all stick around for a while :). As I said there will be five more prizes drawn on 18.10.2009 if I reach 100***
***09.10.2009-another big thankyou to everyone who has joined up since the 5th, I now have 86 followers. I so love having you all on my blog and look forward to the prize draw on the 18th. On the weekend I intend checking out all your blogs properly and will definitely leave some comments but for now I am off to work***
***11.10.2009-OMG, 96 followers, just four more to go, will I get to 100 by 18.10.2009?, so close but yet so far. I might just throw in something extra if I reach 100, this time next week it will all be disclosed***
***14.10.2009-I am so happy to have 97 new friends on my blog now, hope you all stick around for a while. All the fun of this comp comes to an end on 18.10.2009, I need just three more followers to give out 25 prizes , thanks again everyone for joining up, this is all just too much fun***
***16.10.2009-As they say nothing good comes easily. For a while I had 98 followers and now I have 97. Its all good I am still looking forward to announcing the winners on 18.10.2009. I may not reach 100 followers and if I don't I will still be giving out 22 prizes and leave the three other prizes for another time. ***Thanks again everyone who has joined up, I really appreciate having you all here,stay posted for the winners on Sunday***
***18.10.2009-Today is a big day for me as I get to announce the winners for this months special monthly comp. I will be doing this when I get home later this evening. THANKS everyone for being so enthusiastic about this months comp, I had so much fun with it all and I can't wait to announce the winners***
1st and 2nd prize
This prize is a small thankyou prize I am giving out to two lovely ladies who visit my blog regularly and always make me feel great about creating. They both have some truly amazing work on their blogs so make sure to pay them a visit.

3rd prize
Ok its time for a second prize. This time I am giving it out for enthusiasm for crafting. This lovely lady is so active in so many different challenges and I love her work, we all call her the challenge queen. I am now lucky enough to be on two of the same DT's as her.
Irit Shalom

4th prize
I have just woken up and decided its time for another prize. I am having so much fun with this. This time I have decided to give out a prize to welcome my latest follower who only joined yesterday. Jennifer just came across my blog yesterday and decided to become a follower, so very happy to have her on board.
Jennifer B

5th prize
The fourth prize I am giving out today is to someone who has inspired me greatly as a blogger. When I first really started getting into blogging I came across her fantastic site and started entering all her wonderful colour challenges, she also gave me the opportunity to be a guest designer on SPCC's awesome DT. Samantha keeps on going no matter what happens healthwise and that to me is just amazing.
Samantha, the Scrapmaster

6th prize
As you can tell I am thinking up these prizes as I go along, its all so much fun. The next prize I am giving out is to the first person who became a follower on my blog. Before she became a follower I really didn't pay too much attention to this function on my blog but now its great to see all the lovely people who have joined my blog. I really appreciate your ongoing support, you all make me want to create more and more.
Sammye Jo

7th prize
I have to start getting ready now but before I do I just want to announce another prize. This lady just amazes me, she has only just started up Sketchy Thursdays and with her and Heidi's hard work the site is already doing so well, once I start scrapbooking again I will enter more of their fantastic weekly challenges. I am also really happy to be designing with her at "If the shoe fits...scrap it!"

8th prize
Its time for my next prize. This time I have decided to give a prize to Stacy, she is always telling us about some great blog giveaways so I thought I would give her a prize for keeping us all so well informed. I first came across Stacy's work at SPCC and I am always blown away by her fantastic creations.

I am off to dinner now to celebrate my parent's wedding anniversary. Looking forward to getting some emails with addresses so I can post your gifts to you all. There will be a few more prizes awarded shortly, stay posted.

9th prize
Ok so I am back from dinner with my parents, we had a really nice evening. Had way too much to eat but its all good. I am extremely excited as tomorrow is a huge final and ofcourse Parramatta is going to win, they just have to. Now onto my next prize I have decided to give this to to Sharon. I am always amazed with the amount of effort Sharon puts into sharing her life with us and ofcourse her amazing scrapbooking. I have a feeling she may be a Storm supporter as she lives in Melbourne, I won't hold this against her :) :)







lesleyworth said...

Hugs and kisses girl! So glad to have you at the Shoe!

Jennifer said...

Hi again! Wanted to let you know I got your message and sent you an email on your gmail.

Diana Fisher said...

Ahhhhh, you are way too sweet! I'm glad that you are scrapbooking, and playing along with us at Sketchy Thursdays. I just love to see your work! I'll send you an email, babe, and thanks!

Stacy Milford said...

You are such a sweetie! & so full of enthusiasm for this craft that we all LOVE! Thanks so much for thinking of me :o) I will have to admit, I have been a bad blogger buddy as of late...just no extra time once school got started again :o( But I do appreciate when you pop in to leave me a quick means a lot! Hopefully, things will SLOW down a bit soon :o) I'll send you an email! Thanks for the goodies!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ya I joined to follow a few days ago as we are DT new members together and I'm leaving a few comments is there anything else I need to do to be in with a chance of winning some of your candy! as you mentioned to us?

other than say thank you and happy crafting Samantha :0)

Itzuvit said...

I have seen your blog before.
And I have to say you are such a generous person and you are a card maker from the heart.
Ill be sure to visit again.
Happy world card making day

Deanne K said...

Mwah!! Thanks so much!! Everything I say, I mean :) You have an amazing talent - thanks for sharing all your work with us!!

I will send you my address with your new email button :)


Helen said...

Hi Susan,
Happy World Card Making Day - looks like you've been having fun today!
Love the idea of the little surprise candies!
Helen x

Gem Gem said...

Loving your work!! I came this way from Samantha, new abc challenge designer!

Gem x

Dawn said...

Wow you are really generous sweetie! I have just become one of your followers, thanks for stopping by my blog and joining in the fun.

Leah the Orange said...

we'll get you to 80 followers by the end of the day! to celebrate WCD, we have launched a brand new challenge blog, and i have some candy on offer to celebrate, too!

i have popped you up in my sidebar and hopefully it will bring more people here to visit! :)

Kary Sol said...

Hi Suz!
I'm your follower now. Your blog just awesome!!! Beautiful cards!!!

bluepoohbear75 said...

I signed up to be a follower and will mention it on my blog. Thanks for a chance.

Queen La Rubba ~ Rachael Doxsee said...


Happy World Card Day to You!!

I am a follower. I enjoy your blog. I have added your surprise yummy candy under my candy list on my blog! Please come and visit me and become a follower.

Happy Creations!

Caryl P said...

Oh my, I've stumbled on quite the happenings here! Thanks for stopping by my blog during the Unscripted blog hop and hope you come to visit again soon. I'll be back to see what you're up to...

connie said...

I am new to your blog. Became a follower today.

Liz said...

I left a comment it was second couldn't have submitted it right I am sorry Susan popped over to see what you were up to hope you got my e mail addy I am rushing around here like a headless chicken as I am off on four days holidays
God Bless I will pop over when i get back

liz xx

Liz said...

Opps forgot to tell you I put a link and a post about the prize up on my blog its under the blue and silver Xmas

Liz xx

Dragonlady said...

Hi Suz,

I have just started following - no 80. I will add a link to my sidebar and mention your target of 100 followers.
Love surprise candy

Good luck.

Ali x

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

Aren't you the sweetest thing since peach pie! See, I know who is up and coming and hipand trendy :) That's why I started to follow, lol! Thanks so much!!! Keep on inspiring us girl!!

Leah the Orange said...

congrats to all the winners so far! :) this is wonderful!

and Suz - i shall update on your "candy"!!

Softpencil said...

Thank you for doing Softpencil blog hop!!! could you e-mail me at for receiving your prize? ;)

KarenB said...

Hi Suz, I've become a follower and linked you up on my blog candy sidebar. Good luck with your quest for 100 followers.

Leah the Orange said...

YAY - 86, and still growing! we're counting down, Suz! <3

Juls said...

Hi Great to descover your blog!! Hope I can help you reach your 100 followers goal!! Hugs Juls

Okispice said...

I just was directed to your blog by Leah the Orange. you sure seem like a fun gal! How about coming over to Memories Always- Forever and joining us there? We are going to be doing an online crop Oct 17-18 and YOU could be taking home a prize. if not, check me out on my blog occasionally and sign me up as a follower here!

Leah the Orange said...

dahlink, thank you for the sweet words! i am happy to help, and you are SO almost there! :) i've been doing a countdown at the top of my sidebar - you'll probably be at 100 by the end of today! (saturday)

have a fantastic weekend! xo

CreativeMe68 said...

Hey Suz, gotta set the record straight here....I live in Nth Qld, I don't really support any team as far as footy is concerned...Unless of course they play for Australia.
I wondered when reading this post if you were actually talking about me, then I clicked on the link. Then the link came up with my blog and I knew you were talking about me and my amazing scrapbooking???
It is something that I really struggle with the confidence to believe in my ability as a scrapbooker. When I scrap I put my heart and soul into my LO's....
I love it(it challenges me) and I want to share my stories and photography with all of my friends and family and to all my online followers and their friends. I am so glad that you enjoy visiting my blog and being amazed!!! Thank you for this surprise...Can't wait to see what you are sending me! Luv Shaz xoxo

CreativeMe68 said...

Hello again...hopefully my blog will send some followers your way!!! Check out my plug for you, Luv Shaz xoxo

bluepoohbear75 said...

Congrats ladies. This has been a fun contest.

Leah the Orange said...

oh my goomie - just TWO MORE to go!
i'll mention you again in today's post and hopefully get you a couple more visitors... almost there, Suz! :) yay!

KarenB said...

Only a few more days to go... I hope you get to your 100 target :)

Leah the Orange said...

you made it! hee hee. wait, WE made it! glad to have helped, in any small way!


100 followers - that's something to be excited about, hun! xo

have a great weekend!