Monday, 5 October 2009

A great new blog and some fantastic blog candy

I really don't know how Leah came across my blog but I am really happy she did and is being so super enthusiastic about my current comp. Leah, Kristy and Adina have just started a new blog which is absolutely awesome and I really love their eclectic blinkee which is on my sidebar. They are giving away some fantastic blog candy and having a really fun "get to know the dollies" comp. Make sure you check out this really great blog, I can't wait till their challenges start.
Design Dollies

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Leah the Orange said...

YAY~! thank you so much for the uber-sweet words and for the plug! i'm looking forward to getting to know you through this amazing blogosphere and seeing lots more of your stuff. :)

hope you had a fab WCMD!