Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Thanks so much Sammye Jo

the lovely Sammye Jo over at http://62cards.blogspot.com/ passed this blog award onto me. I am so happy and thankful to recieve it. Head on over to Sammye Jo's blog and be ready to be inspired by her fantastic creations and great giveaways. I am now going to pass this award onto 5 very talented and enthusiastic ladies.
Make sure to check out these great blogs, they truly are fantastic.


Susan said...

Oh, Susan! You just made my day! I am relatively new to blogging and have never received a blog award, so this is very special. And the fact that it comes from such an amazing and talented crafter and blogger is, well, humbling. So that you. As soon as I can figure out how, I will pass this along to some other talented friends.

Bhane said...

Hi Susan I'm so happy to received the award... I am trying to click it but it is pointing me to another site... I cannot copy and paste it as well.. May I know how to put this on my site, though I've received one before already and was able to put it on my blog and pass it at the same time. thanks again hun,

CreativeMe68 said...

Hi Suz Thank you so very much!! I am so so happy to receive such an award from you(You are so talented)
I haven't been scrapping that much in the last couple of months and now I am finally getting back into it and have found my mojo again.
I will display this award with lots of pride!!! I want to start doing more cards and I know I will be visiting your blog for more inspiration!!! Mwah Thank you again Luv Shaz xoxo

Bhane said...

my email is: menguita_gutierrez@yahoo.com thanks again!